Professional Cleaning for Your Business Premises

For a decade, J&J has been the go-to for businesses seeking certified commercial cleaning in Essex and the surrounding counties. We work with businesses of all sizes to deliver cleaning services that meet strict UK hygiene standards and keep customers and employees safe.

Restaurants, Bars and Leisure Facilities
We're specialists in commercial kitchen cleaning, with services covering floors, walls, surfaces, equipment, ducts, high-level surfaces, and extraction systems. We also offer appliance cleaning, including ovens, microwaves, stoves, pizza ovens, and many small appliances.

Commercial kitchens should be professionally cleaned at least once a month to prevent illness and fire risk.

Other types of businesses we work with include pubs and bars, of which we regularly clean kitchens, toilets and serving areas, as well as leisure facilities, including gyms, swimming pools, and community centres. To get a quote for commercial cleaning in Essex, please contact us.

Offices and Showrooms
A clean workspace is proven to increase employee satisfaction which, in turn, boosts productivity. Therefore, ensuring your office or business premises is clean has its financial benefits, too. Regular office cleaning is especially crucial in large offices, which are more prone to sickness.

Our office cleaning services include air conditioning systems, which can otherwise spread germs.

As well as your employees, you have your clients and customers to worry about. In an office environment, it's likely current and prospective clients will often come to your office for meetings, and it's essential they have a pleasant experience. Similarly, if you have a shop front, your customers will notice if the premises is unclean, which may cause loss of sales and negative word of mouth, from which it's difficult to recover.

We recommend having your premises cleaned weekly at the very least. For long-term commercial cleaning in Essex, please contact us to arrange an on-site consultation with one of our contract managers for an accurate quote. We will survey your area and discuss your needs, too.

Building Sites and Exteriors
At J&J, we work with a network of construction companies to provide expert commercial cleaning in Essex.

On a building site, there is dirt, dust and debris everywhere, which can pose an enormous risk to those working on-site. It's essential you regularly dispose of dust and, more importantly, chemicals without causing a disruption, and do so appropriately to ensure it doesn't cause harm to others.

As well as cleaning while construction work is taking place, at the end of the project, you will need to perform a full clean of the area to remove all dust, dirt and debris. Especially if you have a workforce moving in or prospective customers, such as property buyers, viewing the development.

Our cleaners will ensure your premises is clean, tidy and safe throughout and at the end of your project.

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Before we provide a quote for one-off or contract-based commercial cleaning in Essex, we must survey your premises to determine your needs.

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