Comprehensive and professional office cleaning services in Essex

If your business has a large office, you'll know only too well how quickly dust and grime can build up and create an unpleasant working environment for you and your employees. Which is why for many businesses it's essential to work with a professional office cleaning service to keep your office pristine and your staff and clients happy.
Our Office Cleaning Services
At J&J Contract Cleaning, we have years of experience cleaning both medium-sized and large offices in and around Essex and Suffolk. When you choose us as your office cleaners, we will work with you to implement a hassle-free cleaning schedule which we'll manage fully to allow you more time to focus on your business.
In addition to standard office cleaning services, we offer PAT Testing so you can rest assured that the electronics in your business are PAT-approved, keeping your insurance policy and business legalities intact year-on-year.
At J&J Contract Cleaning, we work with a network of reliable maintenance contractors, including electricians and plumbers and, consequently, can also organise and manage office maintenance to keep your business running smoothly.
Our Clients
Our clients include a range of businesses, both big and small, including those working in the finance, administration, travel, real estate, marketing, and public services sectors.
J&J Contract Cleaning are an affordable, reliable, and highly professional answer to all your office cleaning and maintenance needs, helping to keep your employees happy and your business operating seamlessly.
To find out more about our office cleaning services in Essex and Suffolk, please contact us.