Specialists in Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Essex

70% of commercial kitchen fires are a result of fat and grease build-up in ventilation, which is why it's especially important to keep your commercial kitchen clean using a specialist commercial cleaner.
At J&J Contract Cleaning, we have years of experience in commercial kitchen cleaning in Essex, Suffolk, and surrounding areas, including kitchen cleaning in Colchester, Braintree, Chelmsford, Brentwood, and Ipswich.
Our commercial kitchen cleaning clients include an array of business types, including restaurants, schools, small takeaway shops, leisure centres, golf clubs, and hotels – regardless of your business type, we're able to provide a thorough and professional commercial kitchen cleaning service.
How It Works 
At J&J Contract Cleaning, our highly professional commercial cleaners in Essex and Suffolk will carry out a thorough inspection of your commercial kitchen and equipment before completing the work. Once you have approved the cleaning schedule based on our team's inspection and advice, we will complete the full kitchen cleaning service to an impeccable standard, meeting industry guidelines.
Once your commercial kitchen is clean, we will provide a full written report and certificate that outlines, in detail, everything that has been cleaning along with photographic evidence as proof for insurers' that require commercial cleaners to adhere to strict guidelines, including TR/19 compliances.
TR/19 Compliances
The B&ES Association's TR/19 Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems guidance document must be strictly adhered to when kitchen extract ductwork cleaning is being carried out, ensuring the safety of your customers and employees. Adherence to TR/19 compliances keeps your insurance policy intact should a fire occur. Failure to comply could result in prosecution under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.
At J&J Contract Cleaning, we comply fully with TR/19 guidelines, ensuring that your new, modified or refurbished kitchen extract system is completely clean to reduce the risk of fire. In some cases, our Essex commercial kitchen cleaners will offer advice for ways you can make extract cleaning a more seamless process by bringing in a building contractor to install cleaning access doors, for instance.
Book Your Survey 
At J&J Contract Cleaning, we pride ourselves on working with and around our clients' budgets to provide an affordable commercial kitchen cleaning service. Also, we can work out of hours to ensure your business never has down time.
To organise your commercial kitchen cleaning service in Essex, please contact us to book a survey.